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  • shine. 

    Moved my inspo over to a new main blog, because it’s the only blog on this account I keep active. I plan to re-theme the link above to turn it into a personal blog, because I dunno. I don’t see myself coming back. :/

    It’s been real.

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  • Getting her first haircut today.

Hope you’re all well. :3

    Getting her first haircut today.

    Hope you’re all well. :3

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  • BABY WALLACE AND CHARLOTTE?! omg ;__; well not baby, but you know what I mean

    XD I sure do, and yep! <3

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  • Taking a more scenic approach to homework hour.

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  • How to fork.

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  • She’s a foodie, err something, either way, yay giant kitchen!

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  • Oh BTW, this is Wally&#8217;s mom, Brynn.
She&#8217;s a cool mom.

    Oh BTW, this is Wally’s mom, Brynn.

    She’s a cool mom.

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  • Well at least she still has her charm.

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  • I have to admit though, it’s a super weird hearing her suck at the paino. X|

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  • The houses in it are just as pretty too.

    I overhauled the interior but the build was too perfect to fiddle with.