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  • newdisaster:

    You know, Guardians of the Galaxy was not the first film I’ve watched in which Vin Diesel voiced a character that barely spoke and yet destroyed me with a single line of dialogue

    need I remind you


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  • just spoiled rotten :3

    Thank goodness for Motherlode. X|

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  • elesimphant replied to your post: Morning selfie. <3

    I think in real life you look EXACTLY like your beautiful sims! <3

    Oh boy I wish! X3

    If I looked like any sim in my game, I’d probably end up looking like one of those randomly generated ones. I am pudding. XD

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  • Because everyday is Charlotte&#8217;s birthday. 83

    Because everyday is Charlotte’s birthday. 83

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  • Morning selfie. &lt;3

    Morning selfie. <3

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  • Seriously though…

    …if you’re even remotely racist please unfollow me. I made a separate blog for my downloads for a reason.

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  • Goodnight. &lt;3

    Goodnight. <3

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  • Replies;

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  • ottershell replied to your post: MUST CONSUUUMMMEEEEE!!!

    what filter command do you use on your pictures? o _o they look so smooth on top of the obvious good quality. it looks like oil painting but i’m not sure. o ___o sorry this is out of the blue!!!

    I use both Oil Paint and Topaz Clean. :D

    Oil Paint first though, and then I brighten, up the contrast, and use vibrance for saturation. Then I apply TC last to clean up the mess lightening up dull pictures usually causes.

    Then I sharpen and add a border. :)